With over 400 receivables factoring businesses to choose from making one claim after another, so how do you choose the most helpful one for your business?

There are just a handful of receivables factoring businesses that will really offer your company more than just cash.

With some factoring firms, your company also receives stellar plans and service to further help increase your company's bottom line.

Here's how to select the best receivables factoring company for your company.

You're probably thinking, "I'm too busy for this!"

We take the stress out of making this choice. And you'll learn why over 45% of our new business comes from Client Referrals. Easily the top referral rate in the factoring industry.

All the others don't come close!

New to Invoice Factoring?

If you haven't heard of Invoice Factoring, it is basically a very fast way to get cash from your receivables.

Invoice Factoring is Not a Loan

When you give your customers an invoice, they usually have 30 days to pay you back. Invoice Factoring companies will give you the bulk of the cash up front, sometimes within 24 hours, and collect the payments from your customers themselves. Once the invoices are paid in full, you’ll get the balance left over, minus a small fee.

Invoice Factoring Doesn't Require Debt

Sounds simple enough – fast cash for your business – no loans, no debt.

so how do you choose the most helpful receivables factoring company FOR YOUR Charlotte company?

Everyone states they have the best straightforward rate structure in the industry, no long-term contracts, fast- same day/same hour payments, no up-front fees, no monthly minimums or maximums etc..

We also provide all of these benefits, however we also DELIVER JAW-DROPPING SERVICE AND PLANS that other factoring firms don't and simply can't.

How can you prove this? Here's our proof, over 40 percent of our new business growth comes from existing client referrals. As you know business clients don't make referrals randomly. After all the client's reputation is at stake, nobody wants to risk giving a bad referral; it can make you look bad. They make referrals to help their business friends and it feels good to help.


Simply put, no other factoring business comes even close to our standard of superior service and products.


As you can see, we quite frankly have more to offer you.

Other factoring companies are not even in the ballpark.


And Not Every Factoring Company Can Claim This:

Over half of our new business comes through client referrals.